It’s been awhile since I posted anything. Not sure why really, but hey, it’s my blog, fuck you. I will say, though, recently there has been some things at work that really prompted me to to put a post up just to immortalize this small snippet of my daily facepalm. I may wish to make this a regular occurrence if I manage to remember. Probably fat chance of that happening, but whatever.

So as you may or may not know if you’ve ever read this blog, I work in IT. I perform in a number of roles, from server administration and network design, to helping your grandma with her magical facebook contraption when it pops up messages prompting her to call the “Microsoft Partner” tech support scammers from India.

Today, I encountered one of the most facepalm moments in very recent memory, besides the lady in the wheelchair yesterday who despite the signs on the door to our establishment stating “PULL”, decided she would PUSH her way in and crack the expensive as fuck glass. Who then proceeded to ask me about a curious device she’d found on the side of the road, wondering how she could get it powered up and running her family tree software.

Apple eMate

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s an Apple eMate 300 from 1990-fucking-7.

No, that wasn’t the primary moment of palming face that prompted me here. It happened this morning, when I took up a few service orders from our intake queue to start tinkering on. This one in question, the customer complained about a boot-up error relating to hard drive keeping them from getting into Windows. Simple enough, age of the laptop checks out, probably dead drive.

So I crack the thing open to extricate the hard drive and see if I can get it running on my recovery machine and confirm that the hard drive is the culprit in this error. To my amazement, it sure is the culprit. THERE IS NO HARD DRIVE!

No drive

An awkward call to the customer to try and explain to them this fact, and they’re not having any of it, that it had just mysteriously stopped working and had been working before.

So, that’s a first. I mean, I’ve dealt with things similar… primarily with people trying to assemble their own PC and not plugging in power cables, or turning on the power supply, or fully slotting their ram. Even had one where the idiot plugged the SATA cable from his optical drive to his hard drive, but this is a first for me. The case of the disappearing hard drive…

Tech support dog

Then we have another complete airhead. Calls in asking if we carry SIM cards. Being that typically one procures a SIM card from their carrier, and that we are definitely not a carrier, or a reseller of cellular devices, or a business that involves itself with mobile devices in any way outside of configuring email; I was a bit curious. So I asked what she needed it for. The response once again had me facepalming on my side of the phone.

She managed to lock herself out of her $50 Walmart special tablet by forgetting a PIN (how the fuck can you not remember 4 numbers that you yourself picked?). She figured that a SIM card would magically unlock the thing. I tried to explain to her what a SIM card does in the easiest terms I could, which only prompted her to describe further what she wanted to do. After unlocking the tablet, she wanted to use it on her home WiFi… The anger of her trying to vehemently describe her need for a SIM card for two things of which a SIM card is entirely useless for was beyond my comprehension.

That’s all for this post… just wanted to alleviate myself of the mental strain of leaving these examples of typical stupidity un-written-about. See ya next year when I actually manage to fight through my laziness to post something again. Stay classy internet.