There, now you know my secret. I’m a member of the PC Master Race. A glorious, glorious way of thinking in what boils down to: PCs are better than consoles (for the uninitiated, Xbox/Playstation/Wii/etc) in every conceivable way. Period. Now, you might ask “Why in the fuck are you touting this shit out loud? No one gives a fuck” To which I’ll reply “I have a blog and I can say whatever I want, neener neener neener I’m not here to cow tow to your wants and needs. Go suck on Shawn Layden and Phil Spencer’s manbits you peasant!” There.. now that I’ve alienated the 2 or 3 people that maybe read this swill, we can get on to business!

The Master Race

Lord GabeN

It’s a running joke on reddit in which PC gamers stand gloriously upon high, looking down upon the feeble peasants (console gamers) and calling their console hardware “potatoes”, as well in general touting silly jokes about the arguments that console gamers tend to leverage against PC gamers in their attempts at trying to justify their wastes of money over PC gamers wastes of money. “Ascendance” occurs when a console gamer switches their gaming platform of choice to a PC, and the primary purpose of “PCMRs” is to “save” the console gamers. It’s almost a pseudo-religion… they even worship a deity: Gabe “Lord GabeN” Newell, founder of Valve Software the company behind the Steam game distribution & social platform. They do so in an ironic way due to his prevalence as an industry leader in the PC gaming market and his overall generally pleasant demeanor; it’s all good fun, but really; the arguments on the PC side of things when taken at a pure face value logic really are quite high above those of the console gamers. That’s even when I try to put myself completely at arms length and set aside any personal bias.

Standing on High

PCMR Mountain

It’s quite a bit too long to post here, but if you take a look at the PCMR Wiki, it has essentially the entire swathe of bullet-points and counter-arguments to give you the rundown of why consoles are truly so inferior. Most of which is clearing up the misconceptions of PC gaming. Invalid arguments such as: it’s far more expensive to get the same quality of gaming; there are not as many games; games are incompatible across different PCs; the human eye can’t see more than 30 frames per second; and a slew of others. PCs give you so much more than what consoles could ever dream to. Free online multiplayer, no annual subscription to access a network in order to play your games against others; ability to use your device as more than just a gaming box; ability to modify your games to add new functionality and fun (Console players misappropriate the term “modding” with “cheating” due to the console “modding scene” that is primarily focused at cheating at the various competitive titles, typically first person shooters. They also tend to like to ignore this fact when arguing against PCs, saying that PCs are full of cheaters, or misappropriated as the term “hackers”,  and that their platform is free of such when in reality both platforms suffer from this unfortunate situation. Though it’s not as rampant as it is lead on to be.); much much further discounted games and wider selection of indie titles. The list goes on

Linux PC Master Race!

Linux Master Race

Not so much of a secret of mine if you’ve read my previous posts, I like me some open source software! Even more awesome, is how much better Linux runs basically everything than other platforms like Windows or Mac. Granted, some games cannot be played on Linux and only on Windows, but this is not a technical limitation of Linux. It’s the fault of the game developers targeting their games only at the Windows platform and/or Microsoft’s graphics/input/sound API: DirectX. Some games do fine under the WINE compatibility layer, but most of the higher-end, AAA titles the likes of Battlefield 34, Assassin’s Creed, and others… do not. Essentially, if it is not backwards compatible with DirectX 9, or uses OpenGL, it will not run on WINE under Linux/BSD. Sometimes even if they are, it’s a bit shakey. But there are some notable games that do, the likes of most Blizzard Entertainment games (World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and Hearthstone).

Fear not, fellow penguin-loving brethren! Once again, mighty Lord GabeN (who’s face is photoshopped on that glorious USA M1 Abrams tank above) has pushed the out and out amazing, market-leading, and unique Steam platform unto Linux with the goal in the future to shift the entire target of Steam toward the Linux operating system primarily due to the likes of Windows and Mac further locking down their software markets from being able to have a “competing software/app market” be served by their own software/app markets. This is translating as well into Steam itself becoming something of a console platform (with the added goodness of the PC utility on the side and the shared license, multiplayer, and game/application code) with the advent of the “Steam Box”, powered by Linux (a Debian spin), that’s hitting retail stores like Walmart this coming 2014 holiday season. What’s more… Steam is opening up it’s already wide open doors even more to non-game software as well! I’d say we’re a ways off from this next idea.. but think of it.. a software market center for Ubuntu that doesn’t completely suck ass, powered by steam, and cross-distribution compatible!! We’re already seeing some desktop applications hitting the Steam store as well.

Want more awesome? Steam’s In-home streaming, allowing you to run your library’s beefier titles on your big-rig, and stream the image to your laptop or TV in another room to play it on. GabeN has already talked highly about this feature becoming a mainstay in putting PC gaming in the living room, I forsee great things coming of this, and all of it powered by Linux.

I’m done drooling now, I CAN HAZ!?

X99 Deluxe Motherboard

You can! You can haz! It doesn’t take expert training to assemble a PC anymore these days (take it from me, I do it professionally as part of my dayjob). It may seem like a daunting task to do, but the manufacturers of PC components have done quite a lot to make the process quite easy for the average do-it-yourself-er. There are some things you’ll want to do in order to not screw everything up, like making sure you properly discharge your body of static electricity before touching components. Gentle treatment of components. Ensuring good airflow and placement of components. More importantly, making sure the components you purchase are compatible with one another (eg: don’t buy an AMD processor and put it into a motherboard that wants an Intel processor; make sure the processor you buy is the correct socket type for the motherboard you’re installing it into; make sure you get the proper RAM type for your motherboard; etc) and that you have a sufficient power supply in which to power them. Generally, with a single graphics card, 650 Watts is good enough, though over-budgeting your power supply wattage is never a bad thing. It only ensures you have more than what you need, and that the power supply unit (PSU) will not be overburdened trying to push juice to your components. Meaning lower temperatures for the PSU internals, less wear and tear on capacitors, better ability to protect the components from power fluctuations.

To “ascend” is quite easy, but rather than further extend this long-winded post, I’ll direct you to the PCMR Wiki on building a PC.

That wraps up this post for now… stay tuned (all 2 of you), as this post is timed such to precede my next post on the build progress of my new glorious gaming PC in the next few days, as well, my documentation on the installations of various operating systems! Thanks for the read, and as always, comments ARE enabled on this site. Feel free to leave some!